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Picture of me

My name is Kenth Ljung. I grew up in a rural town called HjÀrnarp, in southern Sweden. I have always enjoyed playing video games since as long as I can remember, and would often sit for hours scribbling my own little Super Mario levels, design potential enemies and upgrades for potential Metroid games, or develop intricate objectives for custom Goldeneye maps.

During late elementary school/early high school I would often play around with Photoshop, creating basic websites with HTML, and make smaller games with Flash, learning ActionScript and ultimately basic programming concepts as I went along. From there on I spend the next 8-ish years learning and refining my experience with game development and programming in general. A connection at my gymnasium (secondary/prep school) gave me an (mandatory by school) internship which led to a few summers worth of paid web development work during which I researched and learned a great deal on web development in general, ranging from developing intricate PHP backends to elegant JQuery-based frontend visuals, as well as keeping legacy browsers compatible.

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I have always had a certain interest in Unreal Engine based games since I first started making custom maps for Rune. UnrealEd (the editor) always fascinated me by what could be accomplished with relatively little resources. Once UDK came out I was super-excited to start developing more extensive titles. I even used it for my final project during gymnasium which was a Rune-inspired game called Runestone (which I’ve sadly lost most of the files to).

After finishing prep school I went straight to applying to universities, were I settled on Uppsala University, campus Gotland, residing on the Swedish island of Gotland, where I studied game design and programming. A major portion of the program focused on preparing us for the real-world industry and as such I spend a lot of time developing shipping-ready titles with up to eight other developers. That taught me how to efficiently divide, coordinate and delegate tasks to all members by means of various tools and ideas such as Git and Scrum. During this three year education I also got extensive experience using Unity3D, as that was our primary development engine.

In addition to an abundance of programming projects related to specific courses I was part of the development of three major titles. The first one, which was the final project of the first year, was a sidescrolling 3D co-op puzzle game called CoBots. It was a charming title that was well received (was given several awards at the schools public annual conference, GGC) and we worked on it further and ultimately released it commercially on Desura.

The second project was the final project of the second year, and was a singleplayer FPS puzzle game called Mechropolis which had an interesting robot-fusing mechanic where properties of robots could be combined into new abilities that was needed to progress. It was an ambitious project and although perhaps a big grand in hindsight it was a fun experience.

The third project was done outside courses during the third year and is still in progress/frozen. It is a futuristic top-down roguelike/dungeon crawler shooter game called Terrene. It was a smaller effort made to expand on our (my team’s) credibility, and I myself spend a great deal of fun times creating and tinkering with the level generation algorithm.

After graduation I joined stuck with the members of the Terrene group and continued to develop games. I spent a few months developing a prototype for a very minimal and abstract mobile game effectively called “Three Line”, which is an endless-runner style arcade racing game for Android and iOS. The game is currently nearing its finishing touches.

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