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Here you can find my curriculum vitae; a list of my formal accomplishments in education as well as work experience and other related topics.

Short Summary

Basically I took an education in IT, prioritizing programming, which then led to a university education and bachelor degree in Game Design, with a minor in programming as well. I’ve done some freelance web development/design and have a healthy amount of experience with web-related languages, markups and topics such as HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I have also developed a couple of game titles and I’m currently leaning towards the game development business.


As part of my bachelor degree I wrote and published a thesis titled “Effects of Field-of-View in First-Person Video Games: A Study on Camera Field-of-View in Relation to Game Design” which is publically available for download on DiVA (the digital scientific archive for Swedish institutions). Link to publication record:


I have listed my grades below in case that is relevant for you as a reader mood.

University Courses
Semester Course Category Score Grade
2012 w 36-45 Communcation in Speech and Writing Studies 7.5 G
2012 w 36-45 Introduction to Game Analysis and Design Design 7.5 G
2012 w 46-03 Game Programming I Programming 7.5 G
2012 w 46-03 Discrete Mathematics Studies 7.5 VG
2013 w 04-13 Introduction to Game Development Project 15 G
2013 w 14-23 Production Methodology for Games Studies 7.5 G
2013 w 14-23 Theme Park Project 7.5 G
2013 w 36-45 Project Management and Leadership Project 7.5 G
2013 w 36-45 Advanced Game Design Design 7.5 G
2013 w 46-03 Mathematics in Programming and Computer Graphics Studies 7.5 G
2013 w 46-03 Advanced C++ for Games Programming 7.5 VG
2014 w 04-13 Level Design Design 7.5 G
2014 w 04-13 Game Programming II Programming 7.5 G
2014 w 14-23 Big Game Project Project 15 VG
2014 w 14-23 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Game Programming Programming 15 G
2014 w 36-03 Advanced C++ for Games II Programming 15 G
2014 w 36-45 Artificial Intelligence for Game Programming II Programming 15 G
2014 w 46-03 Advanced Game Design II Design 7.5 VG
2015 w 04-08 Game Programming V Programming 7.5 G
2015 w 09-13 Advanced Game Project Project 7.5 G
2015 w 14-23 Degree Project in Game Design Project 15 G

Gymnasium Courses
Course Category Score Grade
Project and Business Project 50 VG
Computer Science IT 50 MVG
Computer Communication IT 100 MVG
IT-Coordination IT 200 MVG
Local Networks A IT 100 MVG
Personal Computers IT 100 G
Programming A Programming 50 MVG
Webdesign Programming/Design 100 MVG
Electronic Science Electronics 100 MVG
Electronics A Electronics 50 MVG
Language: English A Studies 100 MVG
Language: English B Studies 100 MVG
Digital Technology A IT 50 MVG
Electronics Basics Electronics 50 MVG
Aesthetic Operations Studies 50 MVG
Physical Education A Studies 100 MVG
Physical Education B Studies 50 VG
Ergonomics Studies 50 MVG
Mathematics A Studies 100 MVG
Mathematics B Studies 50 VG
Mathematics C Studies 100 VG
General Science A Studies 50 MVG
Linux Operating Systems IT 50 VG
Misc. Operating Systems IT 50 VG
Project Work Project 100 MVG
Programming C# Programming 100 MVG
Programming B Java Programming 50 MVG
Programming PHP Programming 50 MVG
Religious Education A Studies 50 MVG
Social Studies A Studies 100 MVG
Language: Spanish C Studies 100 VG
Language: Swedish A Studies 100 MVG
Language: Swedish B Studies 100 MVG

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