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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Day 5: Minor graphical updates

Five days of #OneHourGameDev done, though today I was a tad bit busy and therefore I’m late on this post 😛

Today I started out with creating a very basic start menu. I fiddled a bit with UMG button styling but soon realized that I had to rethink how to design the buttons. I ended up with just a plain but clean solid-colored button and decided to move on to the more pressing matter of the detection of a tied game, which is where I left off yesterday.

The "start menu". Note that Tic Tac Trouble is not the final name, it's just what ever title first popped into my head.
The “start menu”

(Note that Tic Tac Trouble is not the final name, it’s just what ever title first popped into my head.)

It was fairly painless to implement and verify the tie detection, so I also had some time to add an indicator of which player’s turn it is on the main HUD. Pretty clean as well, though as with everything else the design is far from final.


I am somewhat unsure of what direction to take this project in now. The idea is to have a fully functional and complete game, with some added extra cool features if there is time. I’ll most likely be spending tomorrow’s hour and maybe some off-time figuring out the complete design for the game as a whole. As with any game you can make real crazy stuff and I want this game to be juicy and visually appealing foremost.


Time-lapse of hour 5:


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