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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Hour 10: Draw your own marker!

Small but important progress today as the drawing functionality from the last session now is used to create the players’ own markers instead of those boring X’s and O’s. Since the drawing directly draws to a Texture2D object it’s trivial to expose it and use for another arbitrary component such as a PaperSpriteComponent. It seems however wasteful to use a full sprite component only to display one texture as that could’ve easily been replaced by a simple quad plane, but it works so it will have to stick for now.

The texture is still drawn with a flat grey background and the material used by the marker uses the full RGB of the texture as the emissive output. The idea is however to just use the drawn texture as a mask for a black image. This will probably work fine as I don’t plan for now to utilize colors and other fancy stuff in the drawing, though this might change in the future.

 Time-lapse ahoy!


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