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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Hour 11-12: Better drawing

Today I smashed two hours and improved on the drawing. Firstly the gray background is gone from the marker when placed and what you draw now acts as a mask for a black image (though it’s still in during the drawing phase, working on that.) and secondly you now draw a connected rounded thick line (like a common paint brush in image editors) instead of those black disconnected squares which makes drawing so much more precise and pleasant.

Most of the time however I spent trying to implement the Bresenham line algorithm of which I know mostly only by name, and given the quick and dirty game-jammy nature of this project I didn’t feel like examining and deducting all the related details…In either case it works now, albeit in a somewhat wasteful and not-so-performance oriented manner.

I found out about a bigger problem however; the dynamic texture stuff doesn’t seem to work on my Nvidia Shield (Android) device, only a black square is visible. I hope this is easily solvable as I have had encounters with PC-features not available on mobile devices before, however I see no reason why this shouldn’t work. I’ll have to dig into that at a later time however, possibly even after Christmas.

Time-lapse of hour 11:

Time-lapso 12 be here:


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