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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Hour 14: Start menu BG

So I fixed up the submenu transition effect and while it works as intended I’m not sure it looks too good, but it’ll suffice for now 🙂 . The bigger detail I added was that I changed up the boring and creepy fully black background to something a bit more interesting:


I’m kind of happy with it but I’m thinking about adding more color. I haven’t defined a proper art style yet though so I’ll have to see what I do in the future. A few touches left on the start menu before I move on to touching up the main game scene. The idea right now is just to wrap up and make the game nice and tidy in time for xmas. After xmas I plan to still work on this project occasionally but by and large the project will be dormant in favor of other more pressing activities 🙁 .

Time-lapse up again. Enjoy!


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