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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Hour 15-19: Juice

Huge-ish update on the #OneHourGameDev project. I have been off with the blogging and updating lately but I’ve still been doing major work. Since the last update there has been structural code improvements, subtle scene transitions to avoid harsh level changes, in-game quit button, ability to enter players’ names and a new in-game background to spice the juiciness up! Even though the TODO sheet¬†is slowly getting¬†more green and less red there is still much to be done. Disclaimer though; I am not satisfied with the graphics in general and the game is in dire need of an art pass, but that will have to wait until after Christmas!

Still have to cram 5 hours in two days to meet the quota but I have some spare time cleared up so it will definitely happen! In the meantime enjoy some new screenshots and gifs, and of course the time-lapses!


Time-lapse fiesta below


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