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GameDev Xmas Challenge – Hour 20-24: Markers and audio

Hello readers, this will be the final content/project update blog post for the #OneHourGameDev project I’ve been working on as we are now post-xmas and “done”. There will be an additional summary post later when I’ve managed to compile all time-lapses into one single (and heavily speed-up) time-lapse! Exciting stuff.

So what has actually happened during these last few hours? Mainly some focus on completeness and a few additional extra features and functions. One such feature is that you now can choose from a list of premade markers if you don’t fancy drawing your own. Another semi-major feature is that you can now choose to play “classic mode”, which is the standard 3×3 tile tic tac toe. Only minor changes were needed to the game logic, and the selected game type from the start menu scene is transferred to the game scene with the GameInstance, which is a neat way of storing data across scenes that doesn’t necessarily need to be saved to disk and be persistent across sessions.

Other than that the game over screen has been complemented with play again/quit buttons, and most interactable objects (buttons, tiles etc.) now make sounds when interacted with, as well as a few jingles and stuff for game over and a background music track for the menu/game board. The sound effects and music respectively can also be enabled/disabled with the toggle buttons on the start menu, which also saves the states in a SaveGame, which is an easy way to save persistent data between sessions.

Not a lot in the ways of new pictures I’m afraid 🙁 . It will have to do with a drawn Christmas tree I made in-game. Merry X-mas in arrears!

2015-12-25 18_48_52-day24.mp4

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