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Sky Climb was a Game Jam project for the monthly Unreal Engine 4 game jam, March 2016. As with most game jams, all participants start out with a single common theme, often a sentence or phrase, and then interpret that sentence into a game. All, or at least most assets for the game, including art and code, is then made during the game jam period, which typically lasts between a few days and a week. The UE4 March 2016 jam lasted between March 10th and March 13th. You can read more about it on the archived thread here.

The phrase for March 2016 was “The Sky is the Limit”. I did a solo-entry where I solely developed a game for the jam. I interpreted the theme as a game where your goal was to reach the sky, and the sky posed as a physical limit where once you passed you were in the clear. The result was Sky Climb.

In Sky Climb you try to reach the sky by any means necessary. To help you, you can grab and place objects in the air. Some objects fall however and require a bit more thinking to use properly. You can also jump and use a “force jump” which is sort of like a rocket jump from old-school shooters, where you are blasted backwards and able to clear larger gaps and heights.

The gameplay is structered like an arcade game, with fixed independant levels, a set goal and time tracking, to try and achieve your best time. I ran out of time unfortunately but also wanted to add challenges, for example “no force jumping”, “time limit” and “you only place once”.

Read more on the post-mortem blog post.

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