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Three Lines

Abstract endless-runner style arcade racing game for mobile!

Three Lines is currently still in development! Stay hyped for updates.

Note: the video is an early alpha demo and is not representative of the final design.

Three Lines is an endless-runner style mobile game with abstract graphics. As a player, you control the dot avatar and you swipe to move your character between the lanes, avoiding obstacles and picking up upgrades as you go. There are several “chapters” with varying challenges and environments and in addition to trying to complete each level you will also race against your friends time and progress. You can even view their (and your own!) replay ghosts live as you play!

The game is currently work in progress, with due release early to mid 2016. It will be released for both Android and iOS, working on both phones and tablets. It is being worked on by my co-workers and I in Braindust Games and is as of writing at the negotiation state with global publishers! It is being built with Unity3D.

My Contribution

The project sparked in late 2015 and I was assigned as the solo developer for quite some time, while the other co-workers wrapped up another title that was in progress. During that time I made almost everything (with the except of major portions of the level editor), including the player movement, level generation, visual effects and ghost replay. I currently focus mostly on improving those aspects while my co-workers tend to other factors such as core design and UI.

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